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Twitter Gets A Whole New Look (on Your Phone)

Twitter Gets A Whole New Look (on Your Phone)

Twitter has taken the wraps off a brand new website design that it says is 'faster, easier to navigate and more personalized.' But it looks like.... A new desktop Twitter layout was announced in a tweet on Tuesday ... Twitter Hopes Users Will Love Its Redesigned Desktop LayoutAnd Replace All the Bots It's Been ... A Twitter representative said the new look will be rolled out to the ... Twitter has always had a problem of being a bit difficult to start up.... Twitter has rebuilt its website from the ground up for the first time ever, here's what it ... No, you still can't edit tweets, but the new Twitter looks pretty good. ... I like that it's easier to read text perhaps because of all the ... Twitter Inc Consumer electronics Technology Breaking News: Technology Mobile.. ... around Twitter turned out to be false, and actually had the police responded to all of ... In terms of when the crowd gets to a place, then of course we need to look at the ... In fact, in this case one of the most useful and new events, which was the ... To get 43 chief constables on the phone is a challenge, they were all pretty.... Twitter has given itself a major redesign, inevitably inviting a torrent of ... How Twitter's new menu will look Credit: Twitter ... like counts, so you can watch them go up in real-time on mobile apps; Changes to how ... So y'all can make the icon circular instead of the square that captures my WHOLE face but ya.... The social network launched a complete visual overhaul of its website Monday. ... By January, it was time to show more users how the new Twitter would look. ... Over timeand with the addition of a real design teamTwitter has ... Being able to access that easily, regardless of what device you're on,.... There has been a lot of complaining about Twitter's new desktop user interface. ... the look of its mobile app (a look that some long-term Twitter users aren't ... All you need to do is download the extension from either Chrome's.... Profile, additional accounts, settings, and privacy all in one place! A new side navigation menu and fewer tabs at the bottom of our app = less.... Twitter launches its faster, cleaner design, including new color themes ... The social network today revealed its new look designed to better line up with its mobile apps is rolling out to users today. Woah, what's ... And they've got key needs you could fill. ... All data collected in the survey is anonymous.. ... is still rolling out tests as it tinkers with a new look for its [] ... with trends shifted to the right column, and all of the menu and navigation ... test mode which has also been carried out on mobile, by way of its.... THE XBOX HUB - Life is Strange #1 has me very excited to see where the team takes Max and Chloe's story. Vieceli captures Max and ... It's a whole new look for them but it works very well. ... COM/COMICSTITAN FOLLOW US ON TWITTER.... It's taken some time, but Twitter has finally rolled out an element of its ... So, now your Twitter replies will have a new look, which could make it.... The Twitter website on desktop has a whole new look that's cleaner and more ... Design wise, it's similar to the Twitter for mobile experience.. This is why Twitter has become one of the most used social media platforms in the world. ... videos to deeply engage with large audiences directly from your mobile device. ... I like to share news articles and they don't all need my comment, plus you ... Get ready for the new dark mode, now with 2 options dim and lights out.... Twitter has given its primary desktop website a spit and polish for the first time in seven years with a shiny new look that promises to streamline.... The company has been testing a new version of its desktop website since ... that directs you to all of Twitter's key sections, including Notifications, Direct ... seamless experience across both the phone and the web platforms with ... Twitter says the upgraded look will begin rolling out globally starting today.. Knowing the right Twitter hacks can be a huge advantage against ... on your phone, but this can look lazy or insincere if your company is ... A thread is a series of Tweets that are linked together so they don't get lost or taken out of context. ... you'd like included in your thread, click the Tweet all button to post.. In a blog post today, Twitter announced the rollout of a new version of the ... now shown in the same way as in the mobile clientwith all direct...

We took a sneak peek at the new Twitter and here's what it looks like. ... has essentially simplified its web interface - it now looks more like its clean mobile site. ... The Twitter "moments" button has also completely disappeared.. The new Twitter look lets you change the background color and font size and colors. ... is a new layout that's more in line with the Twitter app for phones. ... This affects all of the text on your Twitter page: settings, Tweets, trends...


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